Krach Pop Duo.

“If you were to do what you always wanted to do right now – what would you do?”

When this saying appeared on their communal kitchen calendar in 2019, it was  immediately clear to Lisa-Anna (she/her) and Lennart (he/him): “Let’s get on stage and  shout at people – not in a nasty way but to make an impression!” 

The result of these thoughts is called ELL. ELL is a duo that combines the beauty of a  hammer drill with the power of a fragrant cherry blossom with just a few instruments and a  female voice. Or the other way around? Who can judge that?! In any case, in the end it  comes down to what you want to do. Badabumm! This is Krach-Pop! On  their debut EP “Wir sind” (produced by and with Kurt Ebelhäuser) and the episode-film  released at the same time, you get all the glory with immeasurable enjoyment. Bon  Appetit! 


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