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Emilie Azaaria – speaks her truth

Hamburg-born singer-songwriter and producer Emilie Azaaria speaks her truth through intricately composed tunes, blending funky pop with thoughful basslines and driving grooves. Her songs range from intimate self-serenades to provocative slow-burners, covering topics like self-love, bigotry, sexism,
and depression. She composes, records, produces and arranges the entirety of her intricate repertoire herself.

The Hamburg native with a history of migration has been creating her own music since she was 16 and was part of the “Call us Rainer” band project when she was still at school. At the same time, she has been writing, arranging and producing solo pieces since she was 18 years old. After graduating from the Hamburg School of Music in the summer of 2021 in the field of singing and releasing four singles, it is time for Emilie Azaaria to take the next step in her career and release her first EP.

In the studio, the 22-year-old musician always maintains full artistic control. On stage, however, Emilie Azaaria thrives in the company of her band members, bassist Mrs. Mary Jane (Marianna Ikonomou) and drummer Boythelen (Simon Thelen). In Emilie’s live performances, her music transforms from an intimate form of self-expression to a triumphant celebration of music and the deep connection she shares with her band members. The unique artistic voices of all band members transform Emilie Azaaria’s live gigs into alternate musical universes. Together, they turn each song into a more danceable version of itself, made to sweep both familiar fans and new audiences off their feet. The intimate and unsparing texts deal with personal experiences that are representative of the experiences of many young people, but have cross-generational relevance. What kind of world do we live in and how do I deal with it? Critical themes are conveyed through catchy pop music that seems to stand in musical contrast to the content. It is precisely this supposed contradiction that picks up on the zeitgeist of the TikTok generation: social criticism packed in pop. Above all, in her songs, Emilie deals with her very personal way out of misogyny, self-sexualization, towards a self-determined life as a non-white woman in a white, maledominated
society. She calls this path “Become a woman”, which is exactly what her first EP will be called.

Emilie’s songs are crowd-moving and catchy, but musical catchiness doesn’t mean simplicity. Emilie Azaaria’s poppy melodies and progressions are complex and sophisticated without overwhelming untrained ears. Nuances of jazz, soul and funk can be clearly heard in many places and illustrate the
different influences. Be it in the studio or performing for a cheering crowd, Emilie Azaaria always sets the tone.




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