Gigolo Tears

Hyper Pop!

Gigolo Tears – Empowerment Pop with Spray Tan

Gigolo Tears is empowerment pop from Berlin. Chris Schalko (they/them) talks about PMS, the Pains of Being a Crybaby and non-male desire. So Schalko hits the zeitgeist while the music serves Feminist Summer Vibes. In 2020, Schalko writes and produces “Kill Your Darlings” – their debut album, released in October 2021 on the feminist label “Ladies&Ladys”. Supported by the tour funding of the Initiative Musik, Schalko is currently conceiving a luminous LIVE program together with other FLINTA* persons, with which Gigolo Tears&The Crybabies will be on their PMS tour in June 2022.


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