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„Don’t know where I belong” sings Mina Richman on her debut EP Jaywalker. The question of belonging is a prevalent one in her songwriting. Born in Berlin but raised between two cultures in a small town, the German Iranian singer quickly develops an obsession with music. When visiting her aunt in Berlin she would roam her CD collection always hoping to find new gems and discovering Joan as Policewoman, Paolo Nutini and Nina Simone along the way. Inspired by the infamous Cher quote “Mom, I am a rich man” she calls herself Mina Richman and signed with the women led Ladies&Ladys Label in 2021, releasing her Debut EP in 2022.

In September 2022 her song „Baba Said”, which she wrote in support of the Iran Revolution, goes viral on Instagram, and shows her perception of music not only as a means of beauty but a means of political expression. With her unique sound between Amy Winehouse and Kat Frankie, which is deemed “rather incomparable within the German borders” (Gästeliste.de), she played a selection of prestigious festivals such as New Fall, Herzberg and Reeperbahn Festival and support slots for Alice Merton, Anna Calvi and MAXIM.

For her debut album, which is set to release in March 2024, she dives deep into her childhood and the pains, insecurities, but also joys of becoming a woman. She writes about cultural heritage and uprooting, the female body in modern society and the importance of consent. Her first two single releases “Nearly To The End” and “Referee” been played on radio stations such as DLF Kultur, WDR5, FluxFM, N-Joy, Cosmo a Live Session at Radioeins. Inspired by artists like Celeste, Arlo Parks and Kae Tempest, she merges her folky singer songwriter roots with Soul, Blues and Hip hop sounds, surrounding her warm and distinctive voice.


Neuste Alben


nachdenkliche lieder mit sprüche


es ist immer noch alles scheiße

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