Skuff Barbie

Kugeln scharf, Wasabi!

Skuff Barbie – Bullets armed, Wasabi!

Hip-Hop meets RNB and Dancehall. The German-speaking newcomer from the PNG crew shines on fast rhythms and fast beats from Boomboii. Whether in the club or live on stage, Skuff Barbie always manages to win the audience with fire and temperament in her stage show.

In her music she reflects her everyday life. Regardless of whether it is socially critical or ironic, with the girls in the club or the boys in the studio, Skuff Barbie is free from stereotyping in order to appeal to a colorful audience.

Her unique flow underlines her Afro-Hispanic influences from home. What sets it apart is the naturalness that it exudes on stage. Skuff Barbie manages to combine soulful melodies with cheeky rap verses without appearing artificial.