Wenn Einer Lügt Dann Wir

they are quite good!

Wenn Einer Lügt Dann Wir are always trying.

Wenn einer lügt dann wir make pop-punk (music) (approximately) with electric guitar, bass, drums (and (sorrie) AUTOTUNE o.o). For a long time people thought they were just one-hit wonders (Nirvana cover). Fortunately and finally in 2021, they dropped the debut album “Ironie oder Schicksal”, an all-FLINTA* production-production straight outta Bochum. 11 hits and one outro. A lot of relationship stuff, but also something about self-destruction and computer games and then again something for the heart. In between the Deutscher Musikrat personally invested time and money ($) and the Goethe Institut rejected them hard.
The band’s goal is still under discussion and can only be clearly defined after the next releases, but somehow it will be either feuilleton and DIY-blabla or turbo-capitalism-headliner-at-Rock Am Ring-thing.

*Female,Inter-,Nonbinary,Trans-,Agender”Ironie oder Schicksal- Wenn einer lügt dann wir”: OUT NOW – even in splattered vinyl – only here in our webshop.

love and kisses from Wenn einer lügt dann wir (If someone lies then we, haha)


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