Wenn Einer Lügt Dann Wir

they are quite good!

Wenn Einer Lügt Dann Wir sind stets bemüht.

That is why the worst-cast boy band in the world has been on the verge of a big breakthrough since it was founded in 2016. Due to the increased likelihood of confusion with comedy duos, the management decided in 2018 to bring a bassist on board. Since then, WELDW has consisted of Melpi (drummer, and Alicia Mies on the Keys), JB (bass) and JKRollin (vocals and guitar).

That’s how roughly the three of them do pop (music) (roughly). The lyrics deal with current topics: Bibi’s Beauty Palace, Johanna’s ex-friends and Michael Kors. WELDW are also characterized by exceptional care taking, efficiency and exemplary work ethic. Thank you for your attention.

P.S. If WELDW were the sportiest band in Germany, you could say: finally a professional! They were selected by the German Music Council for the Popcamp in 2020 and have committed themselves for 6 years – and they are looking forward to it!


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Thu, 02 Dec, 2021
Whole day - Whole day
Wenn einer Lügt dann Wir – mit: My Ugly Clementine – Bollwerk 107 – Moers
Sat, 20 Nov, 2021
Whole day - Whole day
Wenn einer Lügt dann Wir – Fem Pop, Album Release Show – zakk – Düsseldorf

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