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Invisible obstacles for women in rockmusic

Radiointerview from David (it's in german)
with: Sarah from Akne Kid Joe, Crissy and Fe from the Racoons and our Johanna B.

Popcamp 2020 : german newcomer bands in holiday camp

Deutschlandfunk, Corso - Special
Radiointerview by Ramona Westhof
with: L I N, Leopold, Elena Rud , Mele and Wenn einer lügt dann wir

photography: Sandra Ludewig

read it at Deutschlandfunk

Wenn einer lügt dann wir were one of five bands in 2020, who got selected by german music council for the popcamp. All five bands are speaking up here and of course there will be some nice music of everyone. 

05.01.2021, 00:52:31

KLUB KRACH 10 - Punk in times of corona

Radioshow by Nele P. , Punkrockers-Radio

In this show we talk about the things that are going different due to the Corona virus Sars Cov 2, which is spreading throughout the world. Featuring Muncie Girls, Pogendroblem, Lügen, Austin Lucas- and Wenn einer lügt dann wir.  

26.03.2020, 2:47:04, WELDW start at ca. 01:00:00 – 01:08:00

Ladies & Ladys Label, Musiclabel from NRW

Radiointerview by Marisa Uphoff at Riot Rrradio

Here we answer i.a. the question why there are so few women* in the music industry. Also “Wenn einer lügt dann wir” will be playing a few songs, live and unplugged.  There are also some other great songs, so check out the full episode!

20.03.2018 – 00:57:00

article in SemesterspiegelNRW Vision