Why we are sexist*

Ladies&Ladys Label is the first officially sexist* music label in the world. At first glance, the word sexist appears provocative. 95%* of the music industry is male-dominated, sexism is an everyday experience. The board members of the three major labels in the world are exclusively male and the proportion of women on the stages of the big festivals is often less than 10%. Ladies&Ladys Label is a completely transparent music label which takes care of the promotion of Ladys* in the music industry.

According to our definition, every person can be a Lady who counteracts or wants to work against this imbalance. We do not want to focus on gender or sexuality and call ourselves “snexist”. We take many different species of snail as a role model, because they can change their biological sex without any hesitation. As long as the rest of humanity is not yet ready, we are sexist* with a twinkle in our eye!

If it is of interest: Our management is 100% female. We promote women* and we do not reject cooperation with men (here we mean heteronormative white cis men without disabilities).

* we discriminate against discrimination.