What we do

“We know feminism, we do music business …”

Since the beginning of 2019 our label boss has participated in the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program of the EU Commission and works for and with one of the most successful punk rock labels in the world: SBÄM Records from Austria.

SBÄM does the artwork for almost all punk rock bands in the world (NOFX, Sum41 and Offspring, etc.) and organizes their own festival and various club shows twice a year. The label is also trying to book more artists for the SBÄM Fest – and works for the feminist band “Bad Cop/Bad Cop”, among others.

Since working with us, SBÄM Records has been labeling the third “female band”* in a row and we have set up an awareness concept** for the festivals, which is an isolated case in Europe.

In brief: We support each other to achieve our goals and to make the music business a little better.

*the term “female band” should generally not be used. This does not contribute to the desired “equality of the sexes” and in this case has to be considered in context.

**an awareness concept consists of measures to avoid any form of border violation, violence and discrimination through sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic acts and attitudes.

Services of the label for female artists

Thanks to an interdisciplinary team, the Ladies&Ladys label consists of experts in all important areas of the music industry.

We encourage ladies who want to make music through:

  • Skill sharing and empowerment

  • Digital distribution on all platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, ITunes, Youtube, Napster etc etc etc.)

  • Release planning and development of suitable marketing measures

  • Music marketing online and print with suitable music magazines, fanzines and the world press;)

  • Physical distribution of sound carriers and merch via our webshop

  • Management: fee negotiations, tour booking

  • Events: Concerts, festivals, music conferences, safer space / awareness conferences etc.

  • Artwork: poster, record cover, merch

  • Crowdfunding campaigns

Service for organizers

  • Skill sharing and empowerment

We ourselves are organizers and have developed and implemented individual awareness concepts for international festivals and concerts. For this we, together with two other great ladies from the music business, Mirca Lotz (including Music Women Germany, [fwd: like waves], Keychange) and Carmen Westermeier (including DJ, university lecturer “Gender and Art” ”,) the agency “Safe The Dance” ( was founded and offers the following: